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About Us

A leading provider of BYU-Idaho Approved Housing, The Ivy Apartments has been the living choice for thousands of students, who come back year after year. Our management team, coupled with our unique and convenient amenities, has made us one of the top choices of BYU-Idaho Approved Housing for over six years. Meet our team of professionals, and get to know who you'll be working with during your stay here. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Katie Wood
    Marketing Manager

    I'm Katie and I am over Marketing here at the Ivy! I recently graduated from BYUI with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Visual Communications. I am originally from Oregon and miss all the beautiful greenery. My family lives all over the place and I miss my parents, 3 siblings, and 4 nieces and nephews so much. One of my all time favorite things is soda! Bring me a soda from Sodavine and we will be best friends! Come see me for ideas about our parties, events or just to say hi!

  • Rachel Simper
    Collections Manager

    Hey, I’m Rachel! I am so happy to be back at The Ivy, I lived here for three out of the four years it took for me to get my Bachelor’s Degree. I graduated in Communications with News & Journalism as my emphasis, Broadcasting as my module, and Dance as my minor.  I was born and raised in southern California, so naturally I enjoy warm weather and long boarding along the beach. But I also enjoy dying my hair, dancing, singing, playing lacrosse, and baking.  Being around people makes me happy, so stop by my office and lets get to know each other! 

  • Tesa Boyles
    Tenant Relations Manager

    Hey! My name is Tesa, I am your Tenant Relations Manager! You can come to talk to me about parking, roommates, room changes or clean checks/white gloves. I was born in California and lived in Oregon, Florida and Utah. My Husband and I met in Oregon when we were 13 years old. I have 27 nieces and nephews and love spending time with them and my family!

  • Allie Marvin

    Hi there! I’m Allie, and I’m your receptionist. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and I love everything about it, especially the food and scenery. My husband and I are hardcore gamers, we have 2 PS4s, 2 Gaming PCs and an Xbox One. We play anything and everything you can think of, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remastered), to Destiny 2, to Skyrim. If you want someone to talk nerdy to, I’m your girl. Stop by anytime at the front desk to see me!

  • Nick Ruppenthal
    Head Shuttle Driver

    I love the outdoors and sports! I love going boating and with that, wakeboarding, water skiing, and wake surfing. I love playing baseball more than anything but I can play any sport. I am from Arizona and love all the professional teams from there. I will be on the shuttle so feel free to talk to me and get to know me.

  • Shelly Gunter
    Operations Director

    Hello, my name  is Shelly Gunter.  I'm the new operations manager at The Ivy. I was born and raised in Idaho, and then spent 25 years living in places such as Salt Lake City, Seattle, Singapore, Reno, and Phoenix.  It's great to be back in Idaho!  I love everything Idaho; from hiking to snowmobiling to our cabin in the woods.  I'm excited to be at The Ivy where we have an amazing team.  Come in and visit me, I'm on the 2nd floor of building 2.  Life is Good!!!!!

  • Zach Elliott
    Lead Maintenance

    My name Zach Elliott and I am head of Maintenance. I am from Southern California and something interesting about me is that I have a birthmark shaped like a pig riding a skateboard. My hobbies include water polo, drinking Great Scott's, and working on cars. If you ever need anything fixed, submit a maintenance request online and I will pay you a visit.