You can sign a new contract or purchase an existing contract from another student.

Sign New or Purchase Existing
  • What should my son/daughter bring?
    • •  Cooking & Eating Utensils
      •  Small Kitchen Appliances
      •  Dishcloths, Towels, Hot Pads
      •  Kitchen Garbage Can
      •  Cleaning Supplies
      •  High Efficiency Laundry Detergent
      •  Standard Twin Bedding & Pillow
      •  Foam Mattress Pad
      •  Plastic Mattress Cover (Mandatory)
      •  Towels
      •  Personal Toiletries
      •  Shower Curtain
      •  Toilet Plunger
      •  Iron
      •  Laundry Basket

  • How do I pay rent?
    • Online through your Ivy account is the preferred payment method (there are no fees for paying online).

      Payments can also be made in person using cash, *certain credit cards, money orders, cashier’s check and personal check.

      *credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

  • How do I receive my financial aid?
    • Financial aid will not pay The Ivy directly. The student is responsible for receiving their financial aid from their BYU-Idaho Student Account by working through BYU-Idaho's financial aid office and cashier's office the phone number is (208) 496-1600.

  • What are the move-in and move-out dates?
    • These are listed on each contract that is signed. They can be viewed under your online account. The move-in date is the first date you can stay in your apartment. The move-out date is the last day to check-out of your apartment.

      Winter 2018: Jan. 5 - Apr. 14

      Spring 2018: Apr. 19 - Jul. 24

      Fall 2018: Sept. 14 - Dec. 20

      Winter 2019: Jan. 4 - Apr. 13

  • Do you offer storage?
    • We offer free storage during the 7 week break between Spring and Fall semesters. Due to maintenance, the items will be stored in a central location at The Ivy and cannot stay in the student's apartment. All items must be in sealed, stackable totes with the residents information on the sides. Between Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring semesters, items can be stored for free in the apartment.

  • What size are the beds?
    • The beds are standard twin.

  • What is the apartment square footage?
    • The square footage is 1,430 square feet.

  • What are some bedroom measurements?
    • Bedroom size: 15’ 9” by 11’ 5”

      Bedroom window: bedroom 59” wide by 59” tall

      Bedroom closet: 53.5” wide by 67.5” tall by 24” deep

      Bedroom shelf above closet: 53.5” wide by 22.5” tall by 24” deep

      Bedroom upper clothing shelves: 20.5” wide by 10.5” tall by 17” deep

      Bedroom drawers: 18” wide by 14.5” tall by 10” deep

      Bedroom shelves below drawers: 20.5” wide by 7.5” tall by 17” deep

      Bedroom desk: 35” wide by 24” tall by 22.5” deep

      Bedroom bookshelves above desk: 12.5” tall by 15.5” wide by 11” deep

      Bedroom space under the bed: 7.5” tall

  • How far of a walk is it to campus?
    • The Ivy is a 10-15 minute walk to campus.

  • Will I have my own room?
    • All of the apartments at The Ivy are shared bedrooms (everyone will have a roommate).

  • How many people are there in an apartment?
    • There are 6 people per apartment.

  • What is the mailing address?
    • 649 S 2nd W Apt. #____
      Rexburg, ID 83440

  • Do I have to make a deposit payment every semester?
    • No, if you have a future contract prior to the end of current semester you don’t have to pay again. If you do check out without a future semester contract and then decide to live with us, you will need to make another deposit payment.

  • What if I have maintenance issues?
    • In your online account go to the Maintenance Requests tab and enter a new request.

  • Can I put holes in the walls?
    • Push pins, command strips, and white sticky tack are allowed.