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Our Students Love Us

  • "I love the Ivy and I love the maintenance guys. Especially Lance, that dude fixes everything and they're super fast with requests. The management is amazing and they're super sweet and willing to work with you. Also the shuttles are a huge help in the winter. Best driver is obviously Greg. Honestly an amazing place to live for a great price."

    Aly Loza (Google Review)
  • "I love how the living rooms are so cozy and homey! :) I also love the storage space! It's awesome that you can do laundry IN your apartment! The Shuttle is also awesome; very convenient! The Ivy is just awesome in general!"

    Lyndee Virgin (Google Review)
  • "The Ivy is the best place to live in Rexburg. The activities they have started have made this semester the best. Did I say they even have food for the starving student on Wednesday. The price is great for all the amenities. I'm never moving again."

    Hailey Whitaker (Google Review)
  • "The Ivy is the best! I am currently living here and plan to live here the rest of my time attending college at byui. The management is extremely nice and personable. In addition they always have free food. Seriously all the time. It's great haha. The shuttle, in apartment laundry, garbage service, and overall quality and space of the rooms are amazing."

    (Google Review)

About Us

A leading provider of BYU-Idaho Approved Housing, The Ivy Apartments has been the living choice for thousands of students, who come back year after year. Our management team, coupled with our unique and convenient amenities, has made us one of the top choices of BYU-Idaho Approved Housing for over six years.

Here we live the principles of Student Living and seek to form a culture of love, shared responsibility, and mutual respect. We support students in learning and applying these principles through interactions with their roommates. Go to BYU-Idaho's website to learn more about Student Living.

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